Our Story

The financial crisis of 2008 changed everything! Everyone remembers and many were deeply affected.  When the market crashed, taking with it many people’s only source of livelihood, it became immensely clear the investment industry was fundamentally flawed. Brokers and fund managers prioritized the size of their commissions over the security of their clients’ futures and, as a result, our country experienced a true financial disaster.

This tragedy was the inspiration for me to start Platinum Wealth Advisory with one primary simple goal: Truly take care of people’s futures!

Prior to the 2008 crisis, I worked with a firm specializing in fixed assets and tax planning. As a result of these conservative approaches, our clients survived the credit crisis unscathed. When I chose to start a new firm here in Lakeway towards the end of 2009, many of those clients chose to be a part of what we were going to build. We were able to start Platinum Wealth from a position of strength with a tremendous foundation of client relationships that believed in our vision.

Like the Phoenix rising from the ashes, our firm has become a truly holistic financial planning company. By taking the time to ask our clients how we could best serve them, our needs based approach to planning solutions has evolved into a complete endowment planning model for individuals.

Through strategic relationships with some of the best institutional money managers, private equity firms and insurance companies in the industry, we are able to architect plans for our clientele with very little limitation and true efficiency. This means lower fees and greater flexibility for our clients.

Our practice is built around the concept that “Less is More” (and we don’t mean money!)  We have purposely kept the firm small over the past 7 years to insure we were able to best meet the needs of our long term clients. All of our clients have unique wealth management needs and we strive to provide a personalized service to meet these needs in the most tax efficient manner. Our diverse investment platform combines traditional equities with unique alternative investment and insurance planning that set us apart from other planning firms.

Over the past year, we have expanded our service offering in order to begin to open our doors to more of the Lake Travis community. If you would like to find out more about our services, give us a call or email retirebetter@platinumwealthadvisory.com.

We look forward to continuing to serve our community!